Parent Rep Role
At Heathcote Valley School we are lucky to have a small (but great) group of parents from each learning team that act as Parent Reps. These parents help new (and existing) parents connect through organising social events, support whānau in need through co-ordinating parent help and liase with teachers to see what help is needed in classrooms. Parent Reps are great co-ordinators and communicators and enjoy meeting as a larger group on a regular basis to reflect on how things are progressing and to plan ahead. If you are interested in becoming a Parent Rep please contact Nik Densem.

Compliments Policy
Everyone loves getting positive feedback. It not only helps build us up but informs us about what you would like us to keep doing. Any messages of appreciation and thanks should be directed to the staff member involved or via the office, either in person, email or by phone.

Concerns/Informal Complaints Policy
We all want want the best learning outcomes for your child(ren) and all children at HVS. If there is something that is bothering you we would appreciate knowing about it. To do this please follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Concerns/Informal Complaints