Reading Recovery:

Our school Reading Recovery programme is run by Sheryl Pearson. All children have their reading level assessed around their sixth birthday. From this test, children with reading needs are identified and prioritised. Parents are informed if their child is recommended for Reading Recovery.

Additional learning support is also provided through specialised staff and programmes.

Reporting to Parents:

Student Led Conferences

We believe that students need to have a detailed awareness of their own learning, and as such we have developed a reporting system that is led, in the main, by the students. This takes the form of a Student Led Conference and is our main method of reporting to you on your child’s learning throughout the year.

Our goal in using the Student Led Conferences, is that the students take ownership and responsibility for their own learning, achievement and next steps. It is widely recognised as ‘Best practice’ and is a ‘win win’ for the student / teacher / parent reporting partnership. The conferences are scheduled at the end of terms 2 and 4.

The conference has two parts:

Student / Parent discussion - Here your child leads the discussion using examples of their work, and informs you of what they have learned and what their next learning steps are. This is best done before the interview with the teacher.
Student / Parent / Teacher interview - Here teachers will share National Standards data and general information about your child’s learning. The teacher will also supply you with a report.

Anniversary Reports

If your child is in year 1 - 3, you will receive an Anniversary report close to the anniversary of their first, second and third year of school, indicating their academic progress against the National standards in reading, writing and maths.
Please note; this is a legal requirement and does not take the place of the mid year and end of year Student Led Conferences.