Children in Pohutukawa, Kauri and Kahikatea will have a camp each year. Early experiences may involve an overnight stay at school, but as children get older, classes embark on more ambitious programmes at venues further away from the school.

Cell phones

Cell phones may be brought to school, however, we do have the following guidelines:
1. They are not be used at school between the hours of 8.30am - 3.00pm, unless supervised by a teacher.
2. When at school, they are to be kept in the children's bags.
3. If children need to make contact with parents / caregivers, we'd like them to use the Office's phone.
4. It is not the school's responsibility if the phone is damaged, taken or mislaid. 



All classrooms have networked computers linked to the internet and able to print to our photocopiers. We also have chromebooks and a large number of iPads in the school. These provide portable opportunities for use through wireless technology. Children are able to access the internet but only if they and their parents sign our school cyber safety agreements. Our guidance for the policies and agreements we have adopted has been taken from the NZ Police internet safety web site.


Children who cycle must wear approved safety helmets. We support the Ministry of Transport, who recommend that only children from year 5 onwards cycle to school. We ask children to get off their bikes and wheel them, when in the school grounds. Bike racks are available.