Dental Clinic:

A mobile unit visits our school each year for quick dental assessments. The newsletter will notify you when this visit will occur.

If dental work is required, you will be contacted and an appointment will be made for you to visit the Dental Clinic based at Woolston School. If your child requires dental treatment during the remainder of the year, contact the office and we'll be able to give you a telephone number for the dental therapist.

Diseases and Exclusion from School:

We are required to exclude children from school with the following diseases:
Measles: exclusion for at least four days after rash appears.
Mumps: exclusion until nine days after onset of swelling.
Chicken pox: exclusion until lesions have crusted over - usually sixth or seventh day from onset.
Scarlet fever: children may return to school 24 hours after starting antimicrobial treatment.
Impetigo (School sores): children may return to school 24 hours after starting treatment.
Hepatitis A: minimum exclusion of one week after onset; and always after jaundice has disappeared.
Hepatitis B and C: no exclusion from school is required.

Your doctor may advise longer exclusion from school according to the degree of illness. Other diseases may require exclusion, and the Board of Trustees reserves the right to exclude children in order to protect the health of others at the school.

Some common problems such as ringworm and headlice do not require exclusion, as long as they are being treated.

Donation / School Fees:

The Board of Trustees sets the donation / school fees for each individual child. The fee for 2018 is $150 per child and is payable at the beginning of the year. Parents who enrol children during the year are invited to pay a proportion of the school fee. As the fee is regarded as a 'donation', it can be claimed against your income tax return.

You can either pay in cash, cheque or direct credit. Cheque payments need to be paid to Heathcote Valley School. If using direct credit, use the account no. 12 3483 0003049 00 and put your child's name as a reference.