New Entrants
Tracey and Janette, our lovely office ladies, enrol the new entrants. In order to verify your child's date of birth, we are required to sight and retain a copy of their birth certificate. We also need an immunisation certificate or the appropriately completed section in the ‘Well Child’ book, as it is a legal requirement for you to inform the school of your child’s immunisation status.

Closer to your child's start date, enrolled families will be contacted to invite you for a meeting with the Principal to introduce your child to the school and their new learning space. The Pikopiko teachers will then book in some school visits for your child, which usually take place on Tuesday mornings. These visits make for a smoother and happier transition for everyone.

If your child has arrived from another school, you do not need to show us copies of birth or immunisation certificates.

Living outside the school zone
If you live outside of the school zone, you are welcome to apply for a place conducted through a termly ballot. To register, please contact the office. If you would like to see if you live inside our school zone please click on the school zones link.