A-Z of important information

Absences from School:

If your child is absent, please phone us on 384 1058 before 9.00am and leave details of your child’s name, team name. and the reason for absence on our answer machine.
Our teachers take a register each morning and early afternoon. If an absence is noted and you haven't rung, Tracey will phone you between 9.15 - 9.30am to check where your child is. If you are unavailable, they will then phone the next person on the contact list. This checking system is a safety measure, as your child should be at school and if he/she doesn’t arrive, then it is a major concern for us.

Accidents, illnesses and emergency procedures:

Please ensure that we have your child's most up to date contact / allergy details. Email us with any changes: admin@hvs.school.nz.

Should your child become ill, or have an accident at school, we will normally notify you by phone. In the event of an emergency and we can't get hold of you, your child will be taken to the nearest medical centre/doctor.

In the event of us having a school-wide emergency, we can update you on the situation and give you vital information through the Emergency texts.

After School Programme

M*A*S*H run an after school programme located in the School Library. Please follow the M*A*S*H link for more information.

Anniversary Reports:

Information about Anniversary Reports can be found by following the link 'Reporting to parents'.


Every second Friday, there is a whole school TALL Learner assembly in the hall, starting at 2.15pm. The main focuses for these is to acknowledge our TALL Learner certificate recipients, to share any cultural, sporting and academic acknowledgements and for a team to share some of their work. We warmly invite all families to attend.


 Book Clubs:

Through Scholastic New Zealand Ltd., we are able to offer children, on a regular basis, a choice of several, high-interest level books at very reasonable prices. We ask that these orders are completed online by following the instructions from Scholastic.



Children in Pohutukawa, Kauri and Kahikatea will have a camp each year. Early experiences may involve an overnight stay at school, but as children get older, classes embark on more ambitious programmes at venues further away from the school.

Cell phones

Cell phones may be brought to school, however, we do have the following guidelines:
1. They are not be used at school between the hours of 8.30am - 3.00pm, unless supervised by a teacher.
2. When at school, they are to be kept in the children's bags.
3. If children need to make contact with parents / caregivers, we'd like them to use the Office's phone.
4. It is not the school's responsibility if the phone is damaged, taken or mislaid. 



All classrooms have networked computers linked to the internet and able to print to our photocopiers. We also have chromebooks and a large number of iPads in the school. These provide portable opportunities for use through wireless technology. Children are able to access the internet but only if they and their parents sign our school cyber safety agreements. Our guidance for the policies and agreements we have adopted has been taken from the NZ Police internet safety web site.


Children who cycle must wear approved safety helmets. We support the Ministry of Transport, who recommend that only children from year 5 onwards cycle to school. We ask children to get off their bikes and wheel them, when in the school grounds. Bike racks are available.


Dental Clinic:

A mobile unit visits our school each year for quick dental assessments. The newsletter will notify you when this visit will occur.

If dental work is required, you will be contacted and an appointment will be made for you to visit the Dental Clinic based at Woolston School. If your child requires dental treatment during the remainder of the year, contact the office and we'll be able to give you a telephone number for the dental therapist.

Diseases and Exclusion from School:

We are required to exclude children from school with the following diseases:
Measles: exclusion for at least four days after rash appears.
Mumps: exclusion until nine days after onset of swelling.
Chicken pox: exclusion until lesions have crusted over - usually sixth or seventh day from onset.
Scarlet fever: children may return to school 24 hours after starting antimicrobial treatment.
Impetigo (School sores): children may return to school 24 hours after starting treatment.
Hepatitis A: minimum exclusion of one week after onset; and always after jaundice has disappeared.
Hepatitis B and C: no exclusion from school is required.

Your doctor may advise longer exclusion from school according to the degree of illness. Other diseases may require exclusion, and the Board of Trustees reserves the right to exclude children in order to protect the health of others at the school.

Some common problems such as ringworm and headlice do not require exclusion, as long as they are being treated.

Donation / School Fees:

The Board of Trustees sets the donation / school fees for each individual child. The fee for 2018 is $150 per child and is payable at the beginning of the year. Parents who enrol children during the year are invited to pay a proportion of the school fee. As the fee is regarded as a 'donation', it can be claimed against your income tax return.

You can either pay in cash, cheque or direct credit. Cheque payments need to be paid to Heathcote Valley School. If using direct credit, use the account no. 12 3483 0003049 00 and put your child's name as a reference.



New Entrants
Tracey and Janette, our lovely office ladies, enrol the new entrants. In order to verify your child's date of birth, we are required to sight and retain a copy of their birth certificate. We also need an immunisation certificate or the appropriately completed section in the ‘Well Child’ book, as it is a legal requirement for you to inform the school of your child’s immunisation status.

Closer to your child's start date, enrolled families will be contacted to invite you for a meeting with the Principal to introduce your child to the school and their new learning space. The Pikopiko teachers will then book in some school visits for your child, which usually take place on Tuesday mornings. These visits make for a smoother and happier transition for everyone.

If your child has arrived from another school, you do not need to show us copies of birth or immunisation certificates.

Living outside the school zone
If you live outside of the school zone, you are welcome to apply for a place conducted through a termly ballot. To register, please contact the office. If you would like to see if you live inside our school zone please click on the school zones link.



We currently have a temporary library, as our permanent one was damaged in the 2011 earthquakes. It holds a wide, up-to-date range of books to suit the needs and interests of children. Children are able to loan books from the library. Each class has a library period once a week, and on top of this, the library is open to the children at lunch time.

If a book is lost or damaged, a notice requesting payment towards replacement will be issued.

Lost Property:

Our lost property box is located just inside the entrance to the Pikopiko Learning Space. Please ensure that all of your child's items of clothing are named.

In the interests of health, hygiene and space, the contents of the lost property box are sold off or disposed of on a termly basis.



Unless advised otherwise, money needs to go to Tracey or Janette in the Office through the drop-box. All money should come in a sealed envelope stating the name of the child, room name and the purpose for which it was sent. Please try to send the correct amount. School fees should be paid directly to Tracey or Janette in the Office.


Music has a high profile at our school. We offer a school choir, school band, rock band and provide specialist music lessons. Itinerant music teachers teach recorder, ukulele, singing, piano, clarinet, saxophone, flute drums, guitar and violin.



The newsletter is an important communication link between home and school, and can be viewed on this website under the ‘News’ tab. They are emailed to each family every second Wednesday, although paper copies are available at the office. If you are not currently receiving them via email, you may wish to follow this link to subscribe.




Payment to Heathcote Valley School:

You can either pay in cash, cheque or direct credit.
Cash payments should be placed in the Office drop-box and come in a sealed envelope, stating the name of the child, room name and the purpose for which it was sent. Please try to send the correct amount.
Cheque payments need to be paid to Heathcote Valley School.
Direct credit payments should be made to the account no: 12 3483 0003049 00 . Please use your child's name as a reference.


Policies have been developed at the school for many aspects of the school's organisation. Policies, once adopted, become a blue-print for procedure. As necessary, the parent community will be involved in policy review on-line.

Our school policies and procedures can be viewed under the ‘About Us’ tab on the Home page.


Reading Recovery:

Our school Reading Recovery programme is run by Sheryl Pearson. All children have their reading level assessed around their sixth birthday. From this test, children with reading needs are identified and prioritised. Parents are informed if their child is recommended for Reading Recovery.

Additional learning support is also provided through specialised staff and programmes.

Reporting to Parents:

Student Led Conferences

We believe that students need to have a detailed awareness of their own learning, and as such we have developed a reporting system that is led, in the main, by the students. This takes the form of a Student Led Conference and is our main method of reporting to you on your child’s learning throughout the year.

Our goal in using the Student Led Conferences, is that the students take ownership and responsibility for their own learning, achievement and next steps. It is widely recognised as ‘Best practice’ and is a ‘win win’ for the student / teacher / parent reporting partnership. The conferences are scheduled at the end of terms 2 and 4.

The conference has two parts:

Student / Parent discussion - Here your child leads the discussion using examples of their work, and informs you of what they have learned and what their next learning steps are. This is best done before the interview with the teacher.
Student / Parent / Teacher interview - Here teachers will share National Standards data and general information about your child’s learning. The teacher will also supply you with a report.

Anniversary Reports

If your child is in year 1 - 3, you will receive an Anniversary report close to the anniversary of their first, second and third year of school, indicating their academic progress against the National standards in reading, writing and maths.
Please note; this is a legal requirement and does not take the place of the mid year and end of year Student Led Conferences.


School Hours:

Please ensure that students are not on the School grounds before 8.30am and that unsupervised children leave the grounds by 3.30pm.

Classes commence 8.55am
Interval 10.30am – 10.50am
Lunch break 12.30pm – 1.25pm
End of school day 3.00pm.

All students arriving after 8.55am, must report to the Office. If a child is leaving part way through the day for an appointment they must also report and sign in and out at the Office.

School Guidelines:

We have one school rule - Respect others and their rights, at all times.

General Safety
Children may not leave the school grounds without permission from a teacher.
Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are not allowed to be ridden in the school grounds during school hours.
Children are not permitted to climb trees or damage plants/shrubs.

Behaviour / Property
With respect to behaviour and property, we expect our students to uphold the TALL Learner values
Children are not permitted to fight at school - even in games!

Correct uniform to be worn at all times.
Wrist jewellery, other than TALL Learner bands, nail polish, dyed hair and make up are not permitted. Only small earring studs may be worn.


Our aim is for the children to develop skills and interest in a variety of sports. To achieve this we use our own skills, those of parents and any approriate outside resource people. Swimming, gymnastics, rugby, hockey, soccer, netball, athletics, duathlon, cross country, volleyball, ultimate frisbee are just some of the sports that are covered within the school.

We take part in the typical zones sporting events, have year 5-8s involvement in the annual Bays Cluster Winter Sport competition, and also have Netball and Touch rugby teams playing against other schools outside of school hours.


There are stationery packs available at the Office for new entrants.
At the end of each year, you will receive a comprehensive stationery list, indicating your child's stationery requirements for the following year.
The Office holds limited stationery to cover emergency requirements, which needs to be purchased before school.

Student Led Conferences:

Information about Student Led Conferences can be found by following the link 'Reporting to parents'.

Subway Lunches:

Subway lunches can be ordered every Thursday.  Ordering envelopes are available from the notice board in the school office and at the subway letterbox in the hall. Orders need to be filled out correctly and placed in the subway letterbox in the hall foyer by 9:00am. You can pay by cash or by credit card or pre-order online. Orders can be picked up at the start of lunchtime from the school hall.

For every order, our school receives $0.50 in fundraising money.

Sushi Lunches:

Sushi lunches can be ordered for every Tuesday. Ordering envelopes are available from the notice board in the school office and at the subway letterbox in the hall. Orders need to be filled out correctly, have the correct change and placed in the subway letterbox in the hall foyer by 12.30pm on a Monday, for lunch delivery on a Tuesday. You can pay by cash only. Orders can be picked up at the start of lunchtime from the school hall.

For every order, our school receives a % in fundraising money.

Sun Precautions:

All children must wear the regulation sun hats in terms 1 & 4.


Technology / Manual and Senior Science:

Year 7 - 8s attend technology and science lessons at Linwood College fortnightly.  These are on Monday of weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 of each term. They have technology (manual) lessons covering Hard Materials, Fabric Technology and Food Technology in the morning, followed by a science class in the Linwood College science labs. They travel to and from Linwood College by bus. The bus leaves school at 8.30am and returns by 2.50pm.

The manual/technology cost for 2017 is $90 and will be invoiced to your child's school account. The Ministry of Education covers the cost of the buses.

 Term Dates – 2018:


Start date

End date


Wednesday 31 January

Friday 13 April


Monday 30 April

Friday 6 July


Monday 23 July

Friday 28 September


Monday 15 October

Wednesday 19 December


If you are offering transport for a trip outside of the classroom, please ensure that you hold a current drivers licence, a current warrant of fitness, and have sufficient seatbelts to secure all passengers.



Mainland Uniforms are now our uniform stockists, they are located on Wairakei Rd. The Office hold sample sizes of monogrammed polar fleeces, polo shirts, sweatshirts and girls culottes and dresses. Please come in and try on for sizing if you are ordering online. You can order online at www.mainlanduniforms.co.nz free postage to your home on orders over $50. Alternatively you can visit Mainland Uniforms shop at 511 Wairakei Rd, Burnside, or the new city store 189 Peterborough St. To check pricing please check the order form click here.


Navy Blue/white Gingham dress with white collar and cuffs OR Gingham/plain navy culottes OR Plain navy shorts.
Short sleeve polo shirt with logo in either jade (being phased out) or royal blue available.
Navy tunic top with logo.
Sports socks.
Leather shoes, sports shoes or sensible sandals


Short sleeve polo shirt with logo in either jade (being phased out) or royal blue.
Navy shorts.
Navy tunic top with logo.
Sports socks.
Sports shoes, leather shoes or sensible sandals


Navy Tunic Top with logo OR Royal blue long sleeve polar fleece with logo.
Navy Taslon or any other fabric, track-suit pants.
Long sleeve polo shirt with logo in royal blue or jade (being phased out)
Long sleeve plain royal blue or navy blue thermal underneath short sleeve logo polo shirt or Gingham dress.
Woollen tights in navy blue worn with Gingham dress or Gingham/plain navy culottes.
Sports socks.
Leather shoes or sports shoes


Navy Tunic Top with logo OR Royal blue long sleeve polar fleece with logo.
Navy Taslon or plain Navy Track-suit pants.
Long sleeve polo shirt with logo in royal blue or jade (being phased out)
Long sleeve plain royal blue or navy blue thermal underneath short sleeve logo polo shirt.
Sports socks.
Sports shoes or leather shoes.




Children are advised not to bring valuables with them to school.