Annual Activity Fees
At the start of each year, we will collect an activity fee from you, to cover your child’s activity costs associated with class trips, visits and performances. This one-off fee minimises the number of transactions the school has to process and allows teachers to plan appropriate learning activities with the assurance of a running budget. The activity fee for 2019 is as below.

Pikopiko - $40 per child
Kowhai, Pohutukawa and Kauri Teams - $50 per child
Kahikatea Team - $60 per child

We ask that it be paid by the end of term 1, at the latest. All activity monies will be spent on your child and their respective class activities. This fee will not cover camp costs or the Year 7-8 ski trip.

Camp Fees
Year 5-8 children have a camp each year. Camp fees will be priced on an annual basis. The teams will inform you of these costs.

School Donations/Fees
The school donation/fees are set for each individual child. The fee for 2019 is $155 per child and is payable at the beginning of the year. Parents who enrol children during the year are invited to pay a proportion of the fee. As the fee is regarded as a 'donation', it can be claimed against your income tax form. 

Ski Trip Fees
Year 7 - 8s go on a ski trip every second year. You will be informed on these costs by the Kahikatea team.

Technology Fees
Technology classes are held at Linwood College and our students bus from Heathcote Valley School to Linwood College. The technology fee for 2019 is $90 and will be invoiced on your child's school account. The Ministry of Education covers the cost of the buses.

Payment to Heathcote Valley School
You can either pay by cash, cheque or eftpos at the school office. 
Cheque payments need to be made out to Heathcote Valley School.
Direct credit payments should be made to the account no: 12 3483 0003049 00 . Please use your child's name as a reference. Once made please email eo@hvs.school.nz with details of what you are paying.
Credit card payments can be made by logging into your LINC-ED account.  More information on this can be found at http://www.hvs.school.nz/information/linc-ed