Our TALL Learners of the Term Awards

At the last assembly of each term, we celebrate one TALL Learner of the Term from each syndicate. These awards are given to the student that has stood out within the syndicate. They will usually have been successful in demonstrating a number of the TALL attributes and attitudes. As recognition of their achievement, they will receive a mention on this website, a TALL Learner certificate, indicating the reason why they are receiving it, a photo that they place on the WALL of TALL, and a rainbow wrist band that shows that they have succeeded in a number of the TALL attributes and att

Term 4 2017

Kahikatea Team

Ashonti is the overall TALL Learner for Term 4 in the Kahikatea Team. Ashonti you epitomize all of our Heathcote Valley School TALL attributes and are an excellent role model and leader. You are a motivated and dedicated learner who strives to meet your goals. You are always aware of your commitments showing that your self-managing skills are impressive. Ashonti, you contribute in every area possible of our school and  our community. Your positive attitude rubs off on those around you and it is an absolute delight to have you in the Senior Room.

Kauri Team

Zoe is the overall TALL Learner for Term 4 in the Kauri Team. Zoe you have made excellent academic progress across all curriculum areas this year. You have had to work hard on your learning goals and manage your time well. You ask great questions and listen carefully to understand the answers. We are so proud of your learning achievements Zoe. Well done!

Pohutukawa Team

Abi is the overall TALL Learner for Term 4 in the Pohutukawa Team. Abi you are a valued and popular leader in our Pohutukawa Team. You are an enthusiastic and thoughtful listener who happily shares ideas and challenges us all with thought provoking questions. Your standard of work is excellent and the initiative you display helps us all. We enjoy your humour and appreciate your support and encouragement of others in the team.Tino pai rawa atu, Abi!

 Kowhai Team

Amalia is the overall TALL Learner for Term 4 in the Kowhai Team. Amalia is the overall TALL Learner for the Kowhai Team for Term 4. Amalia, you are an amazing learner who continually displays all the attributes of the TALL Learner rainbow. You are always respectful towards your peers and teachers and you are a kind and caring friend. You are a motivated learner who works hard to achieve your learning goals and because of that you have made fantastic progress in your learning this term. You confidently contribute to class discussions and carefully listen to other people’s ideas. Congratulations Amalia, you truly are a Heathcote Valley School TALL Learner!

Pikopiko Team

Jamie is the overall TALL Learner for Term 4 in the Pikopiko Team. Jamie, you show all aspects of the TALL Learner Rainbow in the Pikopiko Team. You are a respectful member of our community who is able to communicate well with others. Jamie, you have worked hard in all learning areas and have an excellent understanding of your learning goals. You are a motivated learner and are beginning to present your workto a high standard. Jamie you are an inquisitive thinker who enjoys learning about the world around you and sharing your knowledge with others. Tau ke tou mahi!