The Board of Trustees:

A warm welcome to you, as members of our school community. Heathcote School prides itself in having an open, friendly and supportive learning environment, and is committed to providing students with as many opportunities as possible to help them realise their potential as TALL learners.

We are a school with real personality, warmth and diversity and an amazing community spirit.
Back in the 80's 'Tomorrow's Schools' was conceived and along with it the opportunity, in fact requirement, that local communities become responsible and accountable for many aspects of their school – from staff appointments through to curriculum, budgeting and property.

Self-governance is a pivotal part of the current school environment. This in itself provides an amazing opportunity to 'have your say'.
Heathcote's Board of Trustees comprises the Principal, a staff representative, and five community members elected for three year terms by parents and caregivers. The Board may also co-opt further members should the need arise. Meetings are generally held at 7pm on the last Monday of each month in the school staff room. They are open to the public and the minutes available to be viewed on the noticeboard in the office.

Current Trustees:

Chris Jansen, BOT Chair
Rod Millynn, BOT Vice-Chair
Bruce Ellison, Principal
Liz Haddock, Staff Rep
Jacqui McIntosh
Luke Gardiner
Paul Russell


Schools benefit greatly from the energy and skills of parents. If you think that being part of the Board might be you, then touch base with one of the existing Trustees to find out more. We're always keen to hear any big or little ideas you might have for making the school a better place and really welcome your involvement and input. It is these home – school partnerships that can really help our school hum.

We trust that you and your family have a rewarding time while attending Heathcote Valley School and being part of our wider school community.

Chris Jansen,

Board of Trustees Chair



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