Our Values

Our vision is to create Thinkers And Learners for Life (TALL).

The TALL (Thinking and Learning for Life) Learner philosophy is central to everything we do at Heathcote Valley School. It provides us with the framework to develop students and staff in a range of attributes and attitudes. 

The concept of having a rainbow as an integral part of the TALL Learner visual stems from ancient Maori, who thought that the brilliant rainbow often observed over Castle Rock could only be the celestial form or aura of Kahukura, the Rainbow God. This link is also apparent in our school logo. In our School logo, the words “Te Tihi O Kahukura” literally mean the “Peak of the Rainbow”.

HVS Logo Values


Kaitiakitanga (kye - tee - ah - key - tongue - ah) is actively working to protect the people, environment, and culture that is important to Heathcote Valley for future generations. A kaitiaki is a guardian, and the ways we protect and look after the environment and its people is known as kaitiakitanga.


Manawaro (Mah - nah - wah - row - ah) translates as 'the heart beats for a long time'. Manawa means heart and roa means long. It is also about displaying courage, bravery, resilience and striving towards achieving your best.


Auaha (Oh - wa - ha) means to be creative or innovative. This happens when we are curious about learning. Auaha involves adapting and improvising, an ability to solve problems and be inventive, as well as fixing and creating solutions.


Kotahitanga (Cor - tar - hee - tongue - ah) is about being ‘one’. A sense of togetherness through working together and taking collective action helps us all to feel we belong. 


Showing manaakitanga (Mar - nar - key - tongue - ah) is a way of uplifting the mana of others. Manaakitanga acknowledges our responsibility to give at all times with generosity and respect, and in a way that uplifts the wairua (spirit) and mana (pride) of other people.
Manaakitanga is everyone's responsibility and is given, demonstrated and lived through aroha, kindness and caring.

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