HVS Connect

Everyone is welcome to join the HVS Connect team. This is where parents and staff can come together and enjoy rich and worthwhile discussions about how we would like the year to look for our children. Our aim is to provide fun experiences for children and families of the school, encouraging connection between parents, children, whānau, and staff.

We hope to see you at our next meeting; Thursday 21 October 2021, 7pm in Parirau.

If anyone would like more information on HVS Connect or to discuss an idea, please feel free to contact Katie Ridley (Mum to Ethan Y4 & Baxter Y2) katiekilloh@yahoo.com, or touch base at school. 
HVS Connect Meeting Minutes - Wednesday 28 July 2021
HVS Connect Meeting Minutes - Tuesday 4 May 2021
HVS Connect Meeting Minutes - Thursday 25 March 2021