A-Z of important information

Absences from School:

If your child is absent, please phone us on 384 1058 before 9.00am and leave details of your child’s name, team name. and the reason for absence on our answer machine.
Our teachers take a register each morning and early afternoon. If an absence is noted and you haven't rung, Tracey will phone you between 9.15 - 9.30am to check where your child is. If you are unavailable, they will then phone the next person on the contact list. This checking system is a safety measure, as your child should be at school and if he/she doesn’t arrive, then it is a major concern for us.

Accidents, illnesses and emergency procedures:

Please ensure that we have your child's most up to date contact / allergy details. Email us with any changes: admin@hvs.school.nz.

Should your child become ill, or have an accident at school, we will normally notify you by phone. In the event of an emergency and we can't get hold of you, your child will be taken to the nearest medical centre/doctor.

In the event of us having a school-wide emergency, we can update you on the situation and give you vital information through the Emergency texts.

After School Programme

M*A*S*H run an after school programme located in the School Library. Please follow the M*A*S*H link for more information.

Anniversary Reports:

Information about Anniversary Reports can be found by following the link 'Reporting to parents'.


Every second Friday, there is a whole school TALL Learner assembly in the hall, starting at 2.15pm. The main focuses for these is to acknowledge our TALL Learner certificate recipients, to share any cultural, sporting and academic acknowledgements and for a team to share some of their work. We warmly invite all families to attend.