Providing personalised and timely information about children’s progress and achievement to parents and whānau is vital for children’s learning and success. Digital tools can allow ‘just in time’ assessment that is close to the time the learning has occurred. 

The platform we are using to do this is our new student management system, Hero which we have opened up to our families this year. 

Initially you will have access to:

  • School accounts and fees.
  • Your child’s reports in reading, writing and maths. These show your child’s next steps and curriculum level. Mid-year learning conferences with children’s teachers will be held at the end of Term 2.

 As the year progresses, you will have more information about Hero. 

After you have logged in to Hero, you will arrive at your child’s home page where there is a menu on the left hand side.

  • Accounts will take you to activities and fees.
  • Your child’s name will take you to your child’s report. If you have more than one child, click onmenu’ to view all your children. You will see reading, writing and maths displayed. To see goals that your child has recently achieved click on ‘recently completed goals’. Underneath the radial dials which show the curriculum level your child is working at, you will also see 3 next steps that your child is currently working on in each of the three areas. 

You are able to print your child’s report if you wish. Although Linc-ed will display options to print 2018 reports, these are not available as this is our first year of entering our reports on Hero. The earliest report you can print is the mid-2019 report.

How do I access Hero?

Step 1

Go to your internet browser and enter the following address: 

Step 2

Enter your email address in the “Username” field.  Your username is the email address that you have previously shared with the school. Enter your email and then click Lost your password.

Step 3

An email will be sent to you containing a link for you to click on. The link will take you to a page where you will see your new password. If you choose to personalise this, you can delete the generated password and enter your own strong, secure password. 

Step 4

Enter in your internet browser and enter your Username (this is your email address) and Password (this is the new password you have just created).

Click on ‘Log In.’ 

Step 5

You can now view your accounts. Please ensure you remember your password.  

How do I pay online?

When you log into your Hero user account and click on Menu, you will see the finance icon (dollar note).  Clicking this will enable you to view the invoices related to your family.  This is what they will see:


Clicking the Unpaid Invoices button will narrow down what they see to just invoices with outstanding balances.

To pay the balance of an invoice, simply click the Pay Online slider to 'Yes'.   NB: You must pay the full remaining balance.

Once you have selected all the transactions you wish to pay, they select the Pay Selected Invoices button at the bottom.  This will take you through the credit card payment process.


If you need further support with your accounts, please see Janette in the office or email on

If you have any queries or issues with logging in or viewing the material you wish to access please do not hesitate to contact us