Home Learning

While there is not a huge amount of value in learning words in isolation, there are words that children are likely to use on a regular basis. If you do wish to spend time supporting your child’s spelling development the Essential Spelling Lists would be a valuable use of your time. We suggest that you:

Make time for your child to learn these words, maybe ten each week.
Practice using the word in a sentence (to show understanding of the word’s meaning).
Have them spell the word out loud to you when you say it to them.
Have them write the word when they hear it said to them.


Reading twenty minutes a day means a child will hear or see 1,800,000 words in a year and research shows they will likely score better than their peers in standardised tests. Regular reading helps children’s language and brain development and aids in their understanding of the world outside of their own. Now is a great time to set up the expectation and routine that your child will read (or be read to) for 20 minutes per day.