Our HVS Garden to Table initiative- 
In Term 3 we created our first ever soup out of our school garden "Green Goodness" and the children loved it with lots coming back for seconds!
Deavoll was lucky enough to have Tamsin and Amy create some delicious 'Brocoflower Tots'. These were created from the Broccoli and Cauliflower from our school vegetable garden and turned into some scrumptious oven baked treats. The children loved them! 
Depending on whats growing in the vege garden, each Whanau group will be able to have the opportunity to taste different foods, and sometimes for the whole school too when we can.
We are also creating a "HVS Enviro Cook Book" with all of the recipes and ideas for this fantastic food from our garden and will let you know when this is available.
A huge thank you to Tamsin, Amy and Nik for their continued support to make all this be able to happen.

Broccoli and Cauliflower